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Do you think appraisals are getting more expensive and taking too long to complete?

Are you frustrated with BPOs and AVMs because they are not accurate?

ZVAL and ZAVO are done by local market experts and powered by a patented appraisal software and Gold Standard Data Base.

An ideal choice if GSE guidelines are not required:

For example:

  • Track the values of REO properties.
  • To replace an underwriting review for loan origination. 
  • As a QC requirement to meet regulatory compliance.
  • To help servicers to track values within a portfolio in order to meet regulatory guidelines.
  • For non-GSE's lending valuation needs, such as HELOCs and second mortgages.
  • Due diligence and default management.




Need a custom report, have a compliance question?

We can provide a custom report as well as help you determine how Z- products can meet your interagency guideline for 2014.

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